Star Gazing: Ryan Gosling


Photo by Caroline Smith

Ryan Gosling

Born November 12, 1980

Zodiac: Monkey – Scorpio

Claim to fame: Made a druggie teach sexy

My Song Pick: The Passion by Prince


A Bachelor for all Seasons

In between my near rabid consumption for all things touched by Arthurian legend, I have been taking a few detours with my guilty pleasure television. All of my faves are on hiatus and with new seasons of Lost and Survivor not due to premiere until  next month, I’ve crossed over to some uncharted territory.  Vowing never again to watch anything involving dating or with the words ‘Big Brother’ in it, I must’ve been extremely bored or feeling antsy because I did just what I said I never would, I watched the season openers for ABC’s The Bachelor and the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother. The results were predictable and surprising. Since I have a lot to say, I’m breaking this down into a couple of posts. The first focusing on one show and then eventually I’ll get to the other. I warn you, my soapbox is high drama today, so proceed with caution and ease up on the coffee.