Weekend Netflix: Ken Burns – Jazz


In 2001 acclaimed filmmaker Ken Burns debuted this ambitious ten part documentary on the history of Jazz. The film opens like a road map of music and we’re the travelers.  It shows us the conception of Jazz from it’s down and dirty beginnings in the rough-house saloons of New Orleans’ Storyville to its sophisticated evolution in cities like Chicago and New York. The early greats, and grandfathers of the music like Buddy Bolden, Sidney Bechet, Lt. James Europe, Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington are covered extensively. By the end of the documentary, I guarantee you’ll be eager for more, and there’s plenty left to learn.



Ciggy Recommends: Enjoy Your Solitude


I wrote this article a couple years back but it’s still relevant and I still highly recommend this show! Carry on!


I find that if I pay close attention, even among the most asinine dregs of entertainment there are tiny kernels of kinky truth sprinkled beneath the surface. For instance what does reality television and kink have in common? Nothing really, but a couple of years ago during one of my late night wake-a-thons, I came across a little known show on Hulu titled Solitary. Before Hell’s Kitchen, seeing anything with the words Fox and Reality in it might have sent me into a homicidal rage. When I saw the ad for Solitary, rage was not on my mind,  intrigue was.