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Welcome to my guilty pleasure

(updated 7/2015) Take my advice with a grain of salt but know that I’m coherent enough to litigate. I mainly write opinion pieces about television, film, fandoms and ships. However, I’m most partial to writing in corso fiction; some of it inspired by other sources, a lot of it conceived by the masochistic geek stripper chick toiling day and night in my sweatshop brain. Sometimes I type meandering rambles about random things that aren’t so random. I do not post everyday or even regularly, but when I do, I try to make it interesting and fun…well, that’s subjective.

As a warning, my reviews and fan-fiction may contain spoilers. Okay, they definitely will contain spoilers. Just letting you know.

You may notice that I have an affinity for programs with elements of romance, horror and/or edge. I lean toward cinema and series with multicultural/multi-ethnic casts. One last thing…I aim to please, but remember most stories posted on this site are practice works. Translation: raw, unfiltered and sometimes unfinished. You can now find my stories at The Chamber or at, Archive of Our Own.  Read at your own risk. Overall I like to think I’m friendly enough, competent enough and imaginative enough to hold your attention. If I’m mistaken, I apologize in advance. In the meantime…



My rating system for television

  • 5 tellys – It’s a ride, Carnivàle style; pure Perfection!
  • 4 tellys – It’s on The Wire; grit and style galore!
  • 3 tellys – It held my interest, but I’d rather watch season one of Prison Break.
  • 2 tellys – Makes Heroes look like every season of The Sopranos.
  • 1 telly – I gave up after ten minutes…like, really?

My rating system for film…

  • 5 stars – It’s Bette Davis in All About Eve. Near perfection!
  • 4 stars – It’s Lee Pace in The Fall; a glorious thing!
  • 3 stars – It held my interest, but did you see that amazing scene in___?
  • 2 stars – I’d rather take a two hour call from Donald Trump.
  • 1 star – Do you believe in spontaneous lobotomies?


(or the important shit you ought to know, so we have no misunderstandings)

In case you missed the notice posted in the sidebar on the front page. I’m sharing it here for your convenience. This blog is intended for readers ages 18 and older. It contains original and derivative stories inspired by current and past television shows and films. This is a non-commercial site meant for mature audiences and I have no connection to any media franchise or celebrity (person). Works on this site are offered for entertainment purposes only. By the way, all source material belong to their original creators, but original and derivative characters, plots, settings and etc belong to me. Credit and a link back to this site is required if you choose to post my stories or articles onto another site.. On that note, this is pretty much all you really need to know to navigate the site. But  feel free to continue on to page two where I’ve provided further info about the ships and fandoms I write about.

Thank you,


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