Dead Show Walking

The Walking Dead (TV)

Take a fun, gruesome, yet compelling comic book series and run it through the paper shredder from hell. What results is AMC network’s, The Walking Dead. So here’s the rundown:

Season one made us silent companion to Rick Grimes; a man left for dead, reawaken into a terrifying new reality. It gave us Morgan, heartbreak, a family’s reunion, and the cold, grim verity of a near-hopeless future. But that’s not all it gave us. It was entertaining. Thrilling and engaging storytelling. Season two, gave us a home. A sense of family. It drew us deeper into the characters. To use one word to describe the farm, I’d say, compelling. The story continued and heightened in three. It took us to darker places. Introduced new heroes and villains.┬áReminded us that evil comes in many disguises. Season four was passable. Five tried its best. Six, I dare not mention. Seven? Well. I have yet to watch a complete episode. It’s not for lack of trying.

But so the television gods go. Nothing lasts forever. Subsequent seasons could not bear the weight of what came before. Sure, we got Richonne. But that’s all we got. Twenty Seasons, Kirkman said, I say, this series has long overstayed it’s bloody welcome.

Spotty Musings on The Bachelorette

There was something I intended to say about season thirteen of The Bachelorette. But it took me a few weeks to write it down and even then, a lot remains unsaid. This is what I ended up with:

To me this season hasn’t been about me liking one relationship over another, but how a network took an attractive, successful, and relatively well-adjusted Black woman (Rachel) and used her to present a false social commentary for ratings and ad dollars. To understand what I mean, you must look between the film flickers to the cigarette burns and ask, what was this season about? Was it about Rachel Lindsay finding a husband among 30 eligible suitors or something else? (more…)